New Mountain Bike Film Features Bend Native

This week at the Tower TheatreRed Bull Media House Films premiered its new film, ‘North of Nightfall.’ The film features four world-class mountain bikers taking on the untouched terrain just south of the north pole. One of those featured bikers is Bend native Carson Storch.

Central Oregon Daily’s Eric Lindstrom has a sneak preview of the film, which will be available for purchase on June 5.

From Iraq to Hollywood

Former Soldier Turned Screenwriter and Filmmaker

Redmond resident Nicolas Mezzanatto has had many roles in his life – husband, father, son, soldier, and now filmmaker, including as the screenwriter of a new Bruce Willis movie.
You can follow him on Facebook at Nicolas Mezzanatto and you can find his new movie ‘Acts of Violence’ anywhere movies are sold or downloaded.