iPhone Updates Needed this Weekend

If you remember ringing in the new year in 2000, you probably remember the Y2K scare, where there was some real concern that computers were going to shut down. While it didn’t happen in 2000, something similar is happening this weekend, but it will only affect those with older iPhones.


Keeping Your Kids Safe This Halloween

It is illegal for convicted sex offenders to give out candy Halloween night. They’re not even supposed to turn their lights on. But that doesn’t stop unsuspecting kids and their parents from ringing their doorbell. Jamey Tucker looks at an app that shows, on a map where convicted sex offenders live.

App of the Day: Gigwalk

By next year almost half of the U.S. workforce is expected to have a side hustle, whether it’s driving for uber or dog walking. In this What the Tech? segment, Jaime Tucker has an app that can help you find your next side hustle by getting paid to shop.