How To: Sanitize Your Phone

It appears that everything we’ve been told about sanitizer wipes ruining your phone was not true. Apple has updated their website to include the latest information on cleaning your phone, as Jamey Tucker reports in this What the Tech? segment.


App of the Day: Ada

With news of COVID-19 dominating headlines, we’re all a little more aware of our health and some of the symptoms we might be experiencing, but how do you know if you just need to take a day off and rest or if it might be worth a trip to the doctor? Well like most things, there’s an app for that.


Expedited Shipping Woes

Here in Central Oregon it can take weeks for things we buy online to actually get to our doorstep and those delays are more than just annoying, if you’re paying Amazon for two-day shipping through your prime account. In this What the Tech segment, Jamey Tucker has some ways you may be able to get some money back or get your shipment expedited.