How to Improve Your WiFi Performance

How we get internet access is sort of a mystery. Sometimes it’s lightning fast and other times you can’t even load a Google search. If you’re WiFi has seemed bogged down, there could be a reason behind it. Jamey Tucker explains in today’s What the Tech? segment.



App of the Day: Motivation

Sometimes we have an abundance of motivation, other times it can seem hard to complete even the simple tasks. In this What the Tech? segment, Jamey Tucker introduces an app with one goal: to brighten your day and give you that extra drive to accomplish your goals.


Augmented Reality is Gaining Ground

Virtual reality has become the newest tech in gaming in the past few years, but now there’s new tech that incorporates that virtual experience into the real world. In this What the Tech? segment, Jamey Tucker gives us a look at how augmented reality might be coming to a screen near you.


NSA Warning: Update Windows 10 Immediately

It seems like hackers are a concern for everyone, breaking into everything from banking accounts to social media. In this What the Tech? segment, Jamey Tucker shares a warning from the National Security Agency (NSA) for Windows users about something that could put everything on your computer at risk.

Robotics for Your Extra Heavy Lifting

If you have ever worked a physical job or maybe had to bribe a few friends to help you move, there’s now a technology to make these tasks a little easier. In today’s What the Tech segment, Jamey Tucker is in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronic Show to check out some wearable robots that can give the wearer superhuman strength.