▶️ Community Shower Truck Looking for Volunteer Drivers

If you’re looking for a volunteer opportunity, we have an option for you.

The Community Shower Truck is a local ministry offering showers to the homeless in Central Oregon.

About 100 people use the service every week at locations in Bend and Redmond.

But the organization is losing drivers and has cut back on the number of days they are able to help.

It seems like a basic act, but one that is very important to the health of a vulnerable population.

“There’s always been a need for hygiene with all the homeless, with that we offer them the cleanliness they need to avoid infections,” said Tom Stutheit, president of the Community Shower Truck.

No special permits are needed to drive, and they work in volunteer groups of three.

If you’re interested in driving the Shower Truck, you can contact them via their Facebook page here.



Bethlehem Inn Opens New Facilities

After years of fundraising and months of construction, The Bethlehem Inn celebrated its new family residence and service hub with a ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday afternoon.

The new building at the Bethlehem Inn has doubled the amount of families the organization can serve with the addition of ten new family-sized units.

In addition to those units, the new building is also outfitted with a brand new commercial kitchen, two dining rooms and a service hub with offices for partner agencies.

Today’s ribbon cutting was the culmination of the “Transforming Lives Together capital campaign, which raised $8 million of the $9 million needed for the expansion.

Six-Year-Old Girl Helps Raise Funds for Local Nonprofit

Bethlehem Inn is in the midst of a capital campaign to raise funds to expand on their homeless shelter in Bend, Oregon. After years of planning, and millions of dollars in fundraising, the Bethlehem Inn is getting ready for a long-awaited makeover.

But even with the finish line in sight, they still need to raise more funds. This past week they did just that, with a little help. Central Oregon Daily’s Eric Lindstrom has the story.

Does giving money to the homeless keep them on the streets?

Do you ever wonder if you’re doing more harm than good by giving money and even food to homeless people? There are credible shelters and several resources here in Central Oregon that can provide more than just food and shelter for the homeless; they are equipped to deal with complex circumstances that land people on the streets. Here are some of the shelters in Central Oregon: