Ruffwear’s dedication to our adventurous canine friends

Every Friday, we air an Origin Story that highlights people in our community  who have turned their passions into a profession. Now, with the current state of affairs, it’s hard to highlight all the amazing local businesses we have, but we have a lot of fun showing off some of our favorite origin stories that were shot before the COVID-19 pandemic, including stories like Ruffwear, adventurous gear for our adventurous four legged friends. The founder tells Samantha O’Connor it all started with a water bowl.

The Ruffwear store at their headquarters is closed to slow the spread of COVID-19, but you can still order adventure gear online at

Thanks to Bendbroadband Business for giving us the time and resources to tell the stories of Central Oregonians who have turned their passion into a profession with a new edition of Origin Story every Friday on Central Oregon Daily.

Gentle Care for Down There

Healthy hoohoo is a local company started by Stacy Lyon. Her mission was to make a product healthy for women, absent of harsh chemicals found in over the counter feminine hygiene products. With a motto of “less is more,” healthy hoohoo is organic and free of parabens and fragrance. Stacy worked with a naturopathic chemist to develop a product to help women dealing with cancer and other feminine issues to find a product that is natural and not harmful.