▶️ Chug, Run, Chug Some More: Bend Boasts World Beer Mile Champ

By Brooke Snavely
Central Oregon Daily

Central Oregon is home to elite athletes in many disciplines… biking, skiing and distance running to name a few.

Monday we learned of a local athlete who just won the World Beer Mile Championship in Berlin, Germany.

First, the rules: Drink a 12-ounce beer, run a quarter mile as fast as you can; drink another beer and run another lap as fast as you can. Do that four times.

Bend resident Allison Morgan says the hardest part of of competing in the Beer Mile World Classic is running hard with a belly full of beer.

Even people who aren’t athletes know that’s not a good combination.

“The crazy thing is you don’t feel it until after the race. I think when you are running that fast and chugging that fast you kinda feel that sloshing in your belly, that uneasiness, that uncomfortableness. You have to get through that. You have to hold it down,” Morgan said. “So part of it is, don’t throw up before you finish or you get a penalty lap. It was sort of right as I crossed the line, yeah, I feel it. Usually you throw up soon after and then you feel great. You get it all out of your system.“

Morgan dominated the race wire-to-wire, earning her first Beer Mile World Class title in a time of 6 minutes, 24 seconds; 7 second short of the world record.

Morgan says she will try for the women’s Beer Mile World Record next year. In the meantime, she is trying to qualify for the 2020 Olympics Marathon.

Morgan admits to having advantages. She trains in Bend which is high elevation compared to Berlin, and she drinks beer. But doing both during competition, that’s a challenge.

Source on the Scene: Bend Brewfest

It’s the most wonderful time of year for beer lovers in Central Oregon.

Bend Brewfest is the region’s largest beer festival and the second biggest one in the state.

Dozens of breweries, hundreds of beers…throw in wine, cider and hard seltzers and it’s got a little something for every taste.

In this week’s Source on the Scene, sponsored by Indian Head Casino, Central Oregon Daily’s Meghan Glova tipped a few back to get the story.