Pilot Forced to Make Emergency Landing on Madras Road

A pilot Saturday was forced to make a wheels-up landing on a Madras road after the engine quit on him shortly after take-off.

According to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, the pilot was able to make a safe, controlled landing of his single-engine plane on NW Elm Lane, about seven miles north of Madras.

Sheriff’s deputies, the fire department and airport personnel responded to the scene, as did nearby farmers who used their haying equipment to lift the plan so the landing gear could be lowered. The airplane was towed back to the Madras Airport.

The pilot, a 55-year-old man from Sandy, had just attended the Airshow of the Cascades as a spectator. He was not injured.

Historic Bomber Opens Saturday at Airshow of the Cascades

The smoke and haze cleared enough on Saturday afternoon to give visitors to the Airshow of the Cascades a close-up look at a B-25 Mitchell Bomber in action.

16 of those aircraft took part in the famous Doolittle Raid on April 18,1942. They took off from the deck of the aircraft carrier Hornet to become the first air raid on the Japanese home island in World War Two. The B-25 Mitchell Bomber is part of the collection at the Erickson Aircraft Collection in Madras.

Madras Airshow Crash: Deadly Biplane Crash Caught on Tape

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are working together to investigate the deadly crash of a biplane in MadrasSaturday night. Spectators at the Airshow of the Cascades were there to see planes of all kinds perform stunts for the crowd, but one biplane did a low-altitude loop and hit the ground – a moment that was caught on tape by a dashcam inside a nearby car.