Supper Club: Health Care Bill

Senate leaders are delaying the vote on the Republican’s new health care bill until next week, so the fate of Obamacare remains uncertain.

For this week’s Supper Club, Curtis Vogel sat down with two local doctors from different sides of the political spectrum to find out how they are dealing with the potential impact of health care changes as medical professionals.

Supper Club is sponsored by Selco Community Credit Union and Pine Tavern Restaurant.

The Price of Life: Part Three

Obamacare Changes Could Affect Physicians and Patient Care

While politicians battle over the future of healthcare, doctors and patients are dealing with the current state of the industry with rising insurance premiums and deductibles.

In part three of “The Price Of Life,” our series on the Affordable Care Act, Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel looks at the impact of Obamacare on a clinic in Redmond, Oregon.

The Price of Life: Part Two

Obamacare Contains Hidden Costs

While Congress hammers out the details of the future of health care, the rest of us are still navigating the waters of Obamacare until a new law is passed.

In part two of “The Price of Life,” our series on the Affordable Care Act, Central Oregon Daily’s Mackenzie Wilson looks at a hidden cost of Obamacare that you may not know about until you fill out your tax return.

The Price of Life: Part One

Bend Man in Need of Heart Transplant Says Obamacare is Keeping Him Alive

As the debate over the future of health care takes place in Congress this week, we begin a three-part series called “The Price of Life,” a closer look at the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act.

Central Oregon Daily’s Mackenzie Wilson kicks off the series with the story of a Bend man who is waiting for a heart transplant and says that, for him, Obamacare has been the difference between life and death.