▶️ Redmond company’s Switchblade car-plane takes to the skies


A Redmond company looking to develop a half-plane, half-car says it has taken to the skies.

The idea behind the Switchblade, made by Samson Sky, is that a person could park it in their garage, drive it to the airport, fly it to their destination and then be able to drive it around when they get there.

KOIN in Portland reports the Switchblade finally got its wheels off the ground.

“It’s funny. Somebody asked me the other day how it felt. I stopped and I thought, ‘Wow. This is what it feels like to have this dream come true,” Samson Sky CEO and Switchblade inventor Sam Bousfield said.\

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The next step is production, which Bousfield says is about two years away.

The Switchblade received the OK from the Federal Aviation Administration inspection in July 2022, KOIN reports.



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