Supper Club: Society’s Role in the Reintroduction of Felons into the Community


In today’s world of diversity and inclusion, what is our role as a society to help those who have served time in prison? For this week’s Supper Club, Lisa Carton sat down with two former inmates, Frank Patka of Changing Patterns and Brian Dunning of the Skeptoid podcast, along with Deschutes County Parole and Probation Officer Jeff Pickens to talk about the community’s role in their transition.

This topic is the focus in this month’s City Club of Central Oregon forum and luncheon, Thursday, December 20 at the Riverhouse on the Deschutes Convention Center.

A special thanks to our Supper Club sponsor, Selco Community Credit Union, for giving us the time and resources to talk about the issues that impact our region with a new edition of Supper Club every Tuesday night on Central Oregon Daily.


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