▶️ Fans, businesses and Bend Police prepare for Super Bowl Sunday


Local businesses and Bend Police are preparing for Super Bowl Sunday.

At Sidelines Bar & Grill in Bend, the biggest sporting event of the year in the U.S. brings in plenty of customers.

“We’re pretty packed the whole day really. We staff up a little extra. We’ll be giving away glasses. If you buy certain drinks, you’ll get special glasses. We’ll be doing handouts and giveaways all day” Sidelines bartender Rachel Davis said. “It’s first come, first serve. We’d love everyone to come in. It’s going to be a good time. We’ll have the sound on, all the TV’s on.”

Of course, everyone who watches has their own way of celebrating.

“I have really big plans. Me and my buddies, every year, bet a lot of money on the underdog, Like $5,000,” Sidelines customer Stephen Baughman said. 

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For some, it’s easy to root for the team that’s affiliated with a musical artist, who at this point, we know all too well.

“Kansas City, because of Taylor Swift,” Davis said.

“I’m really pulling for my boy Travis Kelce, and Taylor Swift. God, I love Taylor Swift and I love Travis Kelce. I’m really hoping for a really nice cap to the saga of the Kelce/Swift story,” Baughman said.

No matter how you celebrate, the Bend Police Department urges you to do it responsibly.

“We know that people want to celebrate the Super Bowl. Niners, Chiefs, Taylor Swift. But we also are asking people be safe when we do it. We will have our officers out as usual, looking for DUI’s,” Communications Manager at Bend Police Department Sheila Miller said.

Bend PD says it made seven DUII arrests last Super Bowl Sunday.

“We see that DUIIs ebb and flow. Obviously they tend to be busier on weekend nights. Typically not on a Sunday. I wish we could say there were days of the week when we didn’t have DUIIs,” Miller said.

Bend Police say they have recorded 48 DUII arrests so far just in the first 40 days of the year. And remember, there are new DUII laws in Oregon that take other substances into account besides the ones you normally think about.


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