▶️ Be kind, rewind: A look back at Bend Blockbuster Video’s 2023 Super Bowl ad


Arguably, one of the best ads during last year’s Super Bowl was one that people did not see on the television broadcast. 

Bend’s Blockbuster Video — the last Blockbuster on Earth — debuted a professionally-produced commercial at halftime of the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles — doing it on their Instagram page.

The ad showed a cockroach named Steve running across an apocalyptic landscape. Eventually, it ended up in front of the Blockbuster store. 

A narrator says “When the world ends … and the internet streams no more … we’ll still be here” as the cockroach crawls inside.

The ending graphic read “Renting your favorite films ’til the bitter end.”

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The ad received national praise, with articles published by TMZDeadline, Yahoo Finance and Red State.

“This May Be the Funniest and Best Ad That Ran During the Super Bowl,” was the headline for the Red State article. It noted how the store teased fans for several weeks leading up to the debut.

Blockbuster said it also saw a boom in merchandise sales afterward.

And the ad didn’t cost Blockbuster $7 million like the ones that ran during the game broadcast.


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