▶️WATCH: Bend Blockbuster debuts apocalyptic ‘Til The Bitter End’ Super Bowl ad


The Bend Blockbuster may be the last of the previously dominant video chain on Earth. They may not be able to afford the reported $7 million price tag for a 30-second Super Bowl ad.

That doesn’t mean they weren’t able to take advantage of the big game hype.

Blockbuster debuted a professionally-produced commercial at halftime of the game beteeen the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles — doing it on their Instagram page.

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The ad showed a cockroach running across an apocalyptic landscape. Eventually, you see it end up in front of the Blockbuster store. 

A narrator says “When the world ends … and the internet streams no more … we’ll still be here” as the cockroach crawls inside.


The endng graphic reads “Renting your favorite films ’til the bitter end.”

Harding says it’s the first Blockbuster commercial in decades.

A Super Bowl watch party was held at the store located at the corner of 3rd Street and Revere Ave. To totally embrace the old school nostalgia of Blockbuster, the video was played at the party on VHS.

You can even rent the commercial on VHS for $2 per day. And be kind — rewind.


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