▶️ Bend Blockbuster will have a Super Bowl commercial Sunday


A Super Bowl commercial costs an estimated $7 million for this year’s game. The last Blockbuster Video on Earth — located in Bend — will have their own Super Bowl ad.

But you won’t see it during the game.

Bend Blockbuster has been previewing their Super Bowl commercial on social media with the headline “Until The Bitter End.”

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Blockbuster is hosting a Super Bowl viewing party where they will debut the commercial the old school way — on VHS!

“So it definitely looks like the end of the world,” said Sandi Harding, Blockbuster General Manager. “There’s a little teaser there, but it’s a lot of fun. And again, you know, we wanted to do something retro like we were. Again, we’re coming out on VHS. But most importantly, we wanted to show that a small business could do something fun during the big game.

The old school doesn’t stop with the VHS. Their game day set-up at the store includes a lot of nostalgia, including bottles of Crystal Pepsi.

The commercial was shot right here on the High Desert.

If you can’t make it to the watch party, the commercial is also being streamed live on their Instagram page at halftime of the game.

You can even rent the commercial on VHS for $2 per day.

If you do rent it — Be kind. Rewind.



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