▶️ Drink beer to plant a tree? Sunriver Brewing partners for good cause


It’s an idea that started in smoke. Now, beer enthusiasts can help plant trees.

“After the devastating fires that went on in Oregon over the Labor Day time period a couple years ago, we knew we had to do something,” said Ryan Duley, the Director of Marketing for Sunriver Brewing.

Oregon Parks Forever, and many others, felt the same.

“Sitting in the smoke two summers ago and thinking ‘oh this is awful,’” said Seth Miller, the Executive Director for Oregon Parks Forever.

That’s when Miller got an idea.

“Knowing the public land managers were already struggling to keep up with their budgets so I thought how can we help?” Miller said.

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By drinking beer, of course, for the “You Buy One, We Plant One” initiative.

“So $1 for every 6-pack of either our beer, Stoller wine, Portland Cider cans, and now Fort George cans,” Duley said.

From July through August, that dollar plants a tree.

The full list of wineries and breweries participating are:

  • Stoller Wine Group
  • Fort George Brewery
  • Portland Cider Company
  • Sunriver Brewing

“To be clear, this is not like putting sod in,” Miller said “It takes a while for the seedlings to grow and for the trees to then mature. So this is really something that we’re doing for our children.”

“The first year did great,” Duley said “We were able to raise our $25,000. It was our target goal $25,000 which plants 25,000 trees.”

According to Sunriver Brewery, they anticipate another 25,000 trees this year.

Pine Tree

The program has planted more than half a million trees since they started the promotion last year.

Oregon Parks Forever hopes to hit their goal of one million trees planted to start patching up the damage of the fire season.

“And so rather than reacting to fires as we did in the past, we’re trying to get ahead of it this year,” Miller said.

“But I think that as a collective we really know that it was devastating and we really want to do something good for giving back,” Duley said.

Oregon Parks Forever planted 128,000 trees last year in Oregon State Parks, 214,000 trees in Oregon Department of Forestry lands, 65,000 trees in Marion County, and 146,000 trees in Josephine County.

Each brewery will have a cling or sign near their beer for “You Buy One, We Plant One.”


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