Sunriver Art Fair brings artists back to The Village after 2 years away


It’s paint, it’s pottery, it’s photography, and so much more.

The Sunriver Art Fair brought a splash of color and community to The Village over the weekend. 

The 11th annual event came back Friday through Sunday after last summer’s cancelation. 

Artists we spoke with said it’s their favorite show of the year.

“I just love Sunriver, and I know the community really well here,” said Bonnie Junell, an oil and acrylic painter from Vancouver, Washington. “I’m an artist in the gallery here, the artist gallery, so it’s just like coming home every time I’m here.” 

Oregon Landscape Photographer Tim Giraudier from Westfir, Oregon has found a common bond with the locals through his work in familiar areas.

“A lot of the places I have here would be Cascade Lakes Highway, and Sparks Lake, and the Three Sisters, so I’m interested in hiking and a lot of the people here at Sunriver are into similar things,” he said.

Many of the artists have known each other for years as they’ve traveled the artist circuit in the Pacific Northwest.

Some said the heat and smoke was difficult to deal with, but that this year’s visitor turnout was incredible.

Art pieces were on display in a vast array of booths spread throughout The Village, including glassworks, jewelry, sculptures, woodwork, and clothing.

Bounce houses, a rock climbing wall, and even a train were available for younger visitors to enjoy.

The event was sponsored by the Sunriver Women’s Club, who will bring it back for a 12th time next year.


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