▶️ Limited spots for college prep tests creates another layer of anxiety for HS students


Summit High Junior Ayden Dauenhauer wants to go to college to study physics.

Before he applies, he wants to improve his preliminary SAT, or PSAT, score.

But when he tried to enroll this time around, it was full within minutes.

“I’m already stressed out about school,” Dauenhauer said. “So that just added more stress onto it.”

Following guidelines set by the Oregon Department of Education, Bend-La Pine Schools was only able to register the first 100 students who enrolled.

For the test that, as of now, is only being offered locally once in October.

“That’s not even enough to just fill the junior group at one school,” Dauenhauer said. “So I know that a lot of kids aren’t going to be able to take it.”

Dauenhauer’s mom, Maria, says some parents are going as far as traveling to Idaho to take the test.

“I know a couple who’s taking five kids this Friday morning, so they can take the test on Saturday, and that’s even more stress for the kids,” Dauenhauer said. “They’re not in their environment, they have to travel far away, and the time to do that it’s unbelievable.”

Dauenhauer thinks the solution is simple.

“If we just have more times available, that’d be really helpful,” he said.

That could happen soon. Bend-La Pine School officials say more testing opportunities are in the works across the district.

However, approval is needed from the Oregon Department of Education, which could come as early as Monday.

Officials say they won’t go one student over what is allowed inside each school, but the goal is simply to provide more testing opportunities.


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