▶️ Stores and customers struggle with meat shortage


Supply is not “meat-ing” demand.

To handle the shortage, Food4Less in Bend is asking customers to limit meat purchases to two packages of the same type of meat.

“We’re limiting in order to give people a chance,” Store Director Aaron Price said. “They can continue to buy product without having to sprint to the store and try to be one of the lucky ones to get it.”

Earlier this week, one customer brought more meat to checkout than allowed. When he was told he was over the limit, he started swearing at employees.

“I think the tensions are just starting to run a little high, everybody’s tired of being at home,” Price said. “You know the stay at home order. And sometimes tensions run a little high, and unfortunately in this incident it just kind of snowballed into the point where we had to tell him to leave the store.”

The man continued to cause a scene from outside the store but eventually left. Price says he and his employees are doing everything they can and he doesn’t believe they deserved to be treated harshly.

“They’re putting their health on the line, literally every day by coming to work and being exposed to thousands of people,” Price said. “You know, we go out of our way to give the customer a great experience, and we respect and love every single customer that comes in. Really ask that you reciprocate that.”

Price told people about the situation in a lengthy Facebook post. He said he wrote the post not to call the customer out, but to explain what grocery stores are dealing with during the pandemic.

“Every staff, every crew member, wherever you’re shopping, respect them and treat them like you want them to treat you,” Price said.

Besides the incident situation, Price says customers have been typically patient and cooperative throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


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