Store clerk stabbed during early morning robbery in Redmond


An employee was stabbed during a robbery at gas station in Redmond early Saturday morning.

Redmond Police say three people wearing masks entered the Chevron Circle K on South Highway 97 just before 3:30 AM confronting the clerk in an attempt to gain access to the cash register.

At some point during the confrontation the employee was stabbed a number of times by one of the individuals, said Sgt. Tyler Kirk.

The victim is a 27-year-old female Redmond area resident.

She was taken to St Charles Redmond with serious injuries.

All three suspects left in an unknown vehicle, according to Kirk.

Police released a frame grab from a security camera. In the picture you can see one of the suspects at the counter, the employee behind the register. It appears one of the other suspects is standing off to the side, their face just out of frame.

No details were disclosed about any items taken in the robbery.

Redmond Police continue to investigate and ask that anyone with information about the incident call the department at 541-693-6911.


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