State orders closure of Portland nursing home hit by COVID-19

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — State officials are ordering a Portland nursing home with the largest and most fatal coronavirus outbreak in Oregon to close down, records show.

According to the document ordering the closure, the move comes after Department of Human Services officials found that Healthcare at Foster Creek “demonstrated a consistent inability to adhere to basic infection control standards.”

The nursing homes “continued operation poses a serious danger to the public health and safety,” the agency said in a letter signed Monday.

At least 101 residents and staff at Foster Creek have fallen ill with the coronavirus and at least 21 residents have died, state data show. The Associated Press has left a phone message with the facility seeking comment.

In mid-April, Department of Human Services’ inspectors found staff violating protocols necessary to contain infections. At that time, the department created a lengthy list of requirements for the nursing home to improve practices and evacuated 20 people to local hospitals.

The department is now suspending Foster Creek’s license, and will evacuate the few remaining residents, the order says. A suspension means that the nursing home could, in theory, be allowed to reopen.


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