St. Vincent De Paul building 10-person homeless village in Bend


St. Vincent De Paul, a food bank in Bend, plans to build a homeless village on its property off 3rd Street to house up to 10 people.

The goal is simple: To give people a safe place to come at night and get them over whatever obstacles that stand in the way of getting them off the streets.

A site manager, who is a certified mental health counselor, will be at the facility and guests will be required to stay drug and alcohol free while living there.

Over a thousand people live in Central Oregon, unhoused,” said Gary Hewitt, executive director of St. Vincent De Paul. “We’re trying to address that problem because it’s a community problem. This is something we all need to embrace, we need to look for solutions, and this is one of many.”

The space, dubbed St. Vincent’s place, will include a community center, laundry facilities, four bathrooms, a kitchen and more.

It’s located between SE Cleveland and SE McKinley.

Hoping for a mild winter, the facility hopes to be up and running next spring.


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