St. Charles Madras honored for racial inclusiveness


St. Charles Madras has received national recognition for its racial inclusivity.

The Lown Institute looked at 3,200 hospitals around the country and ranked the Madras location third best for serving all people in the community equally.

The hospital says genuinely listening to the community it serves is part of its success.

“Our community was involved in developing policies and procedures specific to the Madras campus,” said Candy Picar, chief nursing officer.

Per the research organization, the top three most racially inclusive U.S. hospitals are Metropolitan Hospital Center in New York, Boston Medical Center in Massachusetts and St. Charles Madras.

Rankings were determined by studying a hospital’s Medicare patients and comparing it with the surrounding community.

Jefferson County is considered one of the most diverse in Oregon with 1/3 of the population Native American, 1/3 Latin-X and 1/3 white.



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