▶️ 93 mph driver among those cited in Central Oregon traffic blitz


A driver going 93 miles per hour on Highway 20 near Sisters was one of the 172 citations Central Oregon law enforcement agencies handed out during a three-day speed and distracted driving emphasis patrol earlier this month.

The Bend Police Department said the majority of citations from the July 12-14 patrols on Highway 20 and Highway 97 were for speeding.

Among the most excessive speeds recorded were 93, 92 and 88 mph on Highway 20 near Black Butte Ranch, northwest of Sisters, where the speed limit is 55 mph. A driver was also cited going 87 mph on Highway 97 near Sunriver. The speed limit there is 65 mph.

A total of 225 traffic stops were made.

The tickets given out included:

  • 119 for speeding
  • 6 for distracted driving or cell phone use
  • 8 for failure to have insurance
  • 7 for driving with a suspended license
  • 8 for not wearing seatbelts
  • 24 for other equipment issues or failing to have an alcohol interlock device on their vehicle

Two people were arrested as part of the emphasis patrol.

Bend Police, Black Butte Ranch Police, Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office, Oregon State Police, Redmond Police and Sunriver Police Department all took part in the patrols.

This effort came just weeks after Bend Police handed out 259 citations during a two-week patrol on the Bend Parkway in June. Speeding was, by far, the most-cited offense in that patrol.


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