▶️ Southwest Bend standoff ends with woman in custody after overnight shooting


A Bend woman is facing multiple other charges after an overnight shooting led to a standoff with police Thursday morning.

Bend Police say Megan Leeann Teeter, 26, was arrested on charges of attempted murder, unlawful use of a weapon and reckless endangering.

It started at 3:19 a.m. when police say a woman fired at an unoccupied home on NE Scarlet Court. Bend Police say officers and Deschutes County sheriff’s deputies found that approximately 15 rounds had been fired from a .380 handgun. Several rounds hit the home and a parked vehicle. 

Lisa Clark, who lives across the street, woke up to the sound of shots and spotted Teeter out the window. She was the first to call 911. 

“She was parked in the middle of the cul-de-sac and firing at the house across the way, just kind of wandering around and shooting randomly it seemed like,” Clark said. “Had all the doors open in her car, was playing loud music, and was obviously having a tough night.”

She said police arrived within five minutes of her call. 

Nobody was home at the time. Police say the shooter left in a Jeep before they arrived.

Detectives investigating the scene turned their attention to Teeter, who was found at at a home in the area of Chuckanut Drive and Springcrest Drive on the other side of town. Police and SWAT moved in and surrounded the home.

Kristoffer Wright, who lives directly next door, was woken up just before 7 a.m. by his wife when she saw the police cars outside. 

“It was so early that I was just confused, got myself dressed and got my shoes on and that’s when I walked around to the other side and saw the cops over there,” he said. “That’s when they told me about staying out of the way, being careful, possible crossfire.” 

After around three hours of negotiation, Teeter was taken into custody at around 10:45 a.m. The handgun allegedly used in the shooting was seized.

Wright captured the moment of her arrest on video. 

“She came out with her hands up,” he said. “I would be intimidated if there were like 30 police officers with guns pointed at me. She looked certainly scared, I would be too I presume.”

He said although he personally didn’t recognize Teeter, his wife recognized her from walks around the neighborhood. 

“My wife remembered her because she made a comment regarding our dog, because if you walk around this neighborhood, you know Pixel, he barks at everyone. But nothing more than that,” Wright said. 

“It’s kind of scary…you don’t really see that in this neighborhood, and really I haven’t seen a lot of that kind of stuff really anywhere,” he added. 

Police say a relative of Teeter lives at the home that was fired into. Beyond that, they are still determining her motivation to shoot at the house. 

“A couple weeks ago we had kind of a verbal argument between two people in that house, some screaming back and forth and that was unusual too, but obviously didn’t think it would escalate to something like this weeks later,” Clark said. 


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