Source on the Scene: The Bend Tour Co.

By Meghan Glova
Central Oregon Daily

Every Central Oregonian knows that Bend has plenty to offer. But have you experienced it all?

Whether you’ve been in Bend for five minutes, five years, or five decades…it’s likely you haven’t seen everything the town has to offer.

At the Bend Tour Company, it’s easy to catch new and familiar sights on some pretty unique forms of transportation.

“The Bend Tour Company focuses on arts, culture, beer, city style tours. We’re not a take you out in the woods type of company,” said Bend Tour Co.’s official Man of Motion, John Flannery.  “So we as the tour company focus on electric bikes, segways, and electric car tours. And as I mentioned, the ABCs, art, beer, city, and sunset.” 

When it comes to what you can *expect* on a Bend Tour adventure, you never know what you’re going to get.

From small scale, self-guided tours to larger, less conventional ways to get around town

There is no lack of what Bend Tour likes to call “ride roulette.”

“For us, we just want to take people on fun adventures. Whether it’s art, beer, cities, or sunsets,” Flannery said. “We find that everybody picks their platform, whether they want to go on a segway or electric bike, cruiser car or a cycle pub.” (4:32) (4:39) “But I find that it doesn’t matter if you’re local or a tourist, everybody just loves checking out town.” 

Especially in the summer, or better known to Bend Tour as the fast and freaky frenetic fourteen *weeks* of summer.

A season full of locals, tourists, and even locals *acting* as tourists for family and friends.

You can start by learning the simple and subtle motions of the segway.

It’s a great way to see Bend up close and personal, while covering a *little more* ground than you would walking.

Or maybe an electric bike will spark your interest.

With pedal assist, it becomes less of a workout and more of an experience.

 “It’s like a proud parent moment people, as she goes off into the sun,” Flannery said.

And for those who rather be guided by the pros

The Bend Tour cruiser is the perfect way to find some of the hidden gems Bend has to offer.

Your guide will point out pieces of the past and present day favorites showcasing what Bend was and what it has become.

But once you’ve seen the classic Bend locations and landmarks, it may be time to get fast and furious.

In the Slingshot, your ultimate driving experience is only a gear shift away.

This open air autocycle lets you see Bend from a whole new horizon.

Bend Tour recommends a scenic drive on the Cascades Lake Loop or the Old McKenzie Highway.

From exhilarating experiences to relaxed rides downtown, The Bend Tour Company gives a new meaning to adventure.

This is one experience of Bend you have to sightsee to believe.


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