Snake ‘n Eggs? Bend Woman Finds Reptile in Toaster

A Bend woman preparing to make some toast Saturday morning was greeted by an unexpected guest: a snake coiled up right there in one of the bread slots.

Expectedly frightened at the discovery, she called Bend Police who responded with the help of the Humane Society of Central Oregon. They were able to remove the terrified 3-foot-long reptile after taking apart the toaster.

“She was really distressed when we pulled it out,” Ellen Newman, an animal technician with the Humane Society told Central Oregon Daily. “She had wedged herself in there pretty good. She was upset and striking at us, but she was just feeling quite upset.”

In a social media post, Bend Police said the snake is likely someone’s pet and is being cared for appropriately until the owner is found (likely in the neighborhood of SW Hayes Ave.)

“For obvious reasons, we did not post a picture of the snake, as the owner will need proof that it is theirs to reclaim,” they said.

The snake is not native to this region and not dangerous “unless you’re a mouse,” said Jeff Jensen of the Bend Reptile Zone, where the snake is currently being held.

If you are missing a snake and you live in the area of SW Hayes Ave, please contact us via Deschutes County 911 non-emergency dispatch (541-693-6911).

The woman is reportedly in the market for a new toaster.



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