Smoky flavors take center stage at festival


The smell of barbecue wafted over the Deschutes County Fairgrounds Saturday.

It was the return of the Central Oregon BBQ Brews and Whiskey Festival.

Smoky food, smoky drink, and even some smoky sauces tickled taste buds.

A treat, if you like meat, a pig roast with free samples.

It was part of a live fire cooking demonstration by BBQ Aloha from Seattle.

“It’s sexy, I mean it draws people in ya know,” said owner Jason Aqui.

People strolled by snapping pictures and sniffing the aroma coming off the spit.

Aqui grew up in Hawaii and has been cooking competitively for seven years.

“It’s one of the probably harder things to do because of the time involved, said Aqui.

Adding to the challenge, the weather.

“You’re dealing with wind, you’re dealing temperature, you dealing with rain, all kinds of factors and you have to really feel it out,” added Aqui.

He had all those conditions on Saturday, but figured the roast would be ready in time for the evening crowds.

The festival runs Saturday until 10 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. until 5 p.m.


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