▶️ Smoke forces produce vendor into flash sale to clear flats


Poor air quality, an outdoor business, and perishable products don’t mix.

“Due to the smoke and the hazardous conditions for our workers, considering we’re outside, we made the decision to close on Saturday and close early on Friday,” Kate Couch, The Vegetable Man Produce assistant manager said. “Which means that some of our products are going to go bad.”

It’s not often The Vegetable Man Produce has to throw away product, so the business got creative to clear things out.

“You came and you grabbed a box of varying sizes and it had a set price,” Couch said. “And you filled it with whatever produce or fruit that you want.”

Bend resident Kirsten Schopen arrived just a little too late, and was surprised by how much was sold in such a short amount of time.

“I was expecting to get a good handful of some nice leafy greens and some good cucumbers today, but I got some apples,” Schopen said. “All their berries are pretty much gone.”

Although conditions are not ideal for an outdoor produce business, Couch says it ended up being a win-win for everyone.

“It kind of helps out the community because it’s a really good deal, and we kind of break even on stuff. So we didn’t make too much of a profit, but we’re happy that we didn’t have to throw stuff away. Which is just a huge waste.”


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