▶️ 11-year-old facing long recovery after 40-foot fall at Smith Rock


An 11-year-boy fell 40 feet while climbing at Smith Rock State Park on Friday, according to a GoFundMe that has been launched to help cover his medical expenses. He’s undergone two surgeries in Portland.

Based on a photo update released Tuesday, Cohen Schauman is in good spirits. He’s seen smiling and giving a thumbs up.

The organizers of the fundraiser say Cohen fell while climbing with his grandfather. He was airlifted to Bend to be stabilized before being flown to Portland.

Redmond Fire and Rescue said Oregon State Police were first on the scene and called for a helicopter transport. Three Redmond Fire personnel hiked to where the boy was and worked with troopers and bystanders to get Cohen to the landing zone.

Cohen reportedly suffered a broken pelvis, wrist, ankle and ribs, collapsed lungs and a lacerated liver and kidney.

“He has a very long road of recovery. These funds will help offset extensive medical costs and help his parents be by his side at this very tragic time,” said Brandon and Noele Lee, who say they are good friends of the family.

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Brandon Lee told Central Oregon Daily News Monday that the fall happened as Cohen was on his way down.

“From what I am hearing, I believe Cohen was starting to descend and just made a mistake with what he was clipping onto or clipping off of. That’s when he fell,” said Lee.

As of Tuesday morning, the GoFundMe had already raised more than $42,000. The goal was set at $50,000.

After a first surgery on Sunday, Brandon said Cohen’s kidneys are OK. His liver is in a place to begin healing. 

An update posted Monday night says Cohen had undergone another surgery and his breathing tube was removed. He’ll have a cast on his arm for four weeks and will be in a wheelchair for six weeks.

The surgeon says the recovery time for his pelvis could take up to a year, the GoFundMe reads. The surgeon added that “the good thing is there is no growth plate involved.”

“Brandon (Cohen’s father) and Sarah are staring there looking at their son and they feel helpless. All they can do is pray and hope that the surgeons are able to put their son back together. But they have been optimistic and just thankful, so grateful that their son is alive,” said Lee.

Cohen was reportedly able to smile in the middle of the night Sunday and that he was “helpful and compliant” when doctors tried to move and help him.

If you would like to help, you can find the GoFundMe at this link.


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