▶️ Small plane forced to land near Powell Butte Hwy due to faulty engine


The pilot of a small plane that landed on the Powell Butte Highway Sunday said he was very lucky and had no choice after his engine quit.

Michael Lemaire said he’s been flying the single-seat light sport aircraft for 15 years and never had this kind of problem.

His engine shut down just after takeoff from Bend Municipal Airport and didn’t have the height or time to turn back to the runway.

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Lemaire said Pilots always look for landing spots and he took the only one he had available. He glided onto the highway with no power and no oncoming traffic.

A motorist stopped and helped Lemaire push the plane to the side of the road.

Lemaire said Monday he still didn’t know why the engine gave out.

The small, single-engine plane is listed as being owned by Plane Safe, LLC. 


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