▶️ ‘No child sleeps on the floor’: Free beds available to Central Oregon kids


A national nonprofit group is offering free, hand-built beds for children in Central Oregon who may have never had their own bed to sleep on.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace says it wants to ensure every child ages 3-17 has their own bunk bed and mattress. The group says it has already bought, assembled and delivered 380 beds to Central Oregon children in the past two years.

SHP says it has partnered with local organizations to get donations and build beds. Now, it’s trying to find families in need to give them to.

“We provide children a new, hand built bed, a new mattress, sheets, comforter and pillow,” says Joe Myers, the outreach coordinator for SHP in Central Oregon in a statement. “A good night’s sleep can really have an impact on their life at home and in school.”

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Sleep in Heavenly Peace build event
A Sleep in Heavenly Peace bed building event on Sept. 10, 2022. Home Depot donated $12,000 of materials and goods. (Credit: Sleep in Heavenly Peace)


SHP says families can apply for a bed at http://shpbeds.org/chapter/or-deschutes-co. You can also go there to donate a bed or volunteer to build or deliver them.

“I can’t tell you how it makes me feel when these children learn that this is their bed. For many, it is their first soft thing to sleep on,” Myers said.

Several Bend-area Rotary clubs will hold a build day on October 29, SHP says.

The group’s motto is “No child sleeps on the floor in our town!”


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