▶️ Ski shop owner says lack of snow not a concern…yet


If you’ve looked out your window lately, you may have noticed something surprising

“I’ve lived here for 40 years and this is probably the warmest, and the longest warm weather I do remember in November,” said Todd McGee, owner of Powder House Ski Shop

The lack of snow is unusual for this time of year.

And it’s impacting some local businesses that typically thrive this time of year.

“We have some Novembers that are definitely a little sluggish with the snow, but it always ends up coming.” McGee said. “I can’t remember Bachelor never not being open for Christmas, so it will come eventually.”

Sunriver Resort today said despite the lack of snow, the lodge is pacing ahead of bookings from last year.

They told us more guests are waiting to the last minute to book their stays, but the reservations team has seen a lot of bookings in the last couple of weeks.

McGee says the warm temperatures didn’t impact business at first.

In fact, he said Powder House had one of their most successful Octobers this year.

As for November, it has slowed down.

“When the snow does come, we will be very ready for it,” he said. 

In an update sent to Mt. Bachelor pass holders, President and General Manager John McLeod said, “high pressure systems and inverted temperatures have delayed our opening plan” but Mt. Bachelor will be “ready as soon as Mother Nature wants to get our winter party started.”

When it comes to being prepared for future flurries, McGee says it’s better to get your gear sooner than later.

“What happens is a lot of people, especially people that just moved here in the last couple years, will wait until the snow,” he said. “But we will become extremely busy, there will be lines, especially with season leases. So I definitely recommend coming in early and getting it. Because we will get snow.”


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