▶️ Sisters trail post vandalism suspects spotted on Forest Service camera


On the trails in Sisters, a sticky vandalism campaign is taking place. And the culprits have been spotted on Forest Service cameras.

“There have been some individuals who clearly have been upset about the new logo, so they have been removing a large number of logos mostly in the Peterson Ridge Trail Network,” trails committee member, Arthur Turlak said.

The Sisters Trails Alliance (STA) is a non-profit organization that maintains the trail networks in Sisters. 

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The targets of the vandalism are new STA logo decals that can be found on trail posts. The new stickers are apart of a rebranding campaign for the organization. 

STA says they have spent more than $1,000 and volunteer time fixing trail markings. 

“We had people asking, ‘Does the City of Sisters actually manage these trails, or does somebody else?'”, Turlak said. 

At least two individuals have taken action against the new logo, allegedly peeling the new stickers off the posts. Turlak says money and volunteer time have been wasted replacing the markings. 

“Those resources are now not going to maintaining trails, improving trails, building trails. But just merely to manage and replace those stickers and continue that rebranding effort,” Turlak said.

The STA says it does not know a motive and it is not interested in identifying the two suspects caught on camera, they just hope spreading the word of the photos’ existence will prevent any further vandalism. 


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