▶️ Sisters taphouse project aims to help the ‘untouchables’ of Nepal


Pema Sherpa, a Nepalese woman, first visited America as a 16-year-old and later returned for training to become a dental hygienist.

She lives in Bend now, but a recent trip to her native country gave her a mission.

Now she wants to help the poorest of the poor, Nepal’s so-called “untouchables.”

She’s trying to start a small training school in a village outside Janakpur in southeastern Nepal.

She plans to supply sewing machines so the women can make clothes for their own children and also make goods that can be sold elsewhere. 

To raise the money, Pema and her partner Nurbu Sherpa are renovating a Sisters pizza joint into a taphouse. 

They plan to serve Nepalese and Asian-fusion food and use a portion of the proceeds to support the efforts in the village. 

To donate, click the link below. 



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