▶️ ‘Greatest thing ever’: Kindergarteners get special Sisters Rodeo tour


Leaning against the metal fence of the rodeo terrace in Sisters stood a little cowboy with red boots and a feather adorned cowboy hat.

His eyes were locked on the big cowboys below.

“It was the greatest thing ever,” said Sisters’ Elementary Kindergartener Jackson Pendelton.

“Why is it the greatest thing ever?” I asked.

“Well, because, I just like the rodeo,” Pendleton said while continuing to peer over the metal bars.

Pendleton dreams of being a cowboy.

“Love the cowboy hat,” I said.

“Thank you,” Pendleton said matter-of-factly.

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Along with his classmates, Jackson gets to experience the rodeo himself with a special tour.

“Some of them, they haven’t been to a rodeo before so just explaining the event, talking about the animals,” said Mary Olney, the Sisters Rodeo Queen.

“They ask great questions about the animals’ feeding programs and they ask questions about the care of the animals,” said Leslie Lange, a Sisters Rodeo Stock Contractor “So all things that they can relate to from their own pets at home and then we relate it to them on a grander scale with the rodeo animals.”

As for the animal the kids liked most, there was a clear winner.

“Uh, the horses,” Pendelton said.

“Because they can run really fast,” said Beau Hooey another Sisters Kindergartener.

“People ride them and it looks pretty fun,” Pendleton said.

“Do you want to ride a horse one day?” I asked Hooey.

“No, I already do,” Hooey said.

“You already do?” I said.

“Yeah my grandma has a horse,” Hooey said.

Not only did the kids get to watch the cowboys and cowgirls, but they also got to witness the crowning of royalty. Olney was crowned in front of the kids with a special tiara for her work as queen.

“Oh my gosh!” Olney said during the surprise.

“I did not see that one coming and it was so cool to have them all be a part of it,” Olney said.

“This is the best day ever with my class and here,” Pendleton said.

A good day for some future cowboys.

“Do you want to do what they’re doing out there?” I said to Pendleton while we watched the cowboys corral calves.

“Yeah,” Pendleton said “It looks pretty fun.”


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