▶️ Sisters Rodeo: ‘Heart and soul’ John Leavitt has passed away


John Leavitt, the former President of the Sisters Rodeo and the longest-serving member of the Sisters Rodeo Association, has passed away. The Sisters Rodeo made that announcement on Facebook Friday night.

Leavitt attended his first rodeo when he was eight years old — the start of what would become a long career in the rodeo world.

“John graduated from Lakeview High School and became a rodeo contestant working in all of the timed events,” the Sisters Rodeo said. “He often worked as a pickup man in rodeos and the family sold many horses for this use.”

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Sisters Rodeo says Leavitt was invited to join the Rodeo Far West Tour when he was 24. It presented a Wild West show similar to the Buffalo Bill shows more than 100 years ago. Leavitt was one of nine cowboys invited to join the tour.

Leavitt served as Sisters Rodeo Association President in 1990 and 1991. And he served as the longest standing Arena Director, dating back to the late 1990s until he retired in 2022.

“We all carry a heavy heart with the loss of John, especially the long and deep friendship he had with many of us. What a great man! Many believe he was the heart and soul of Sisters Rodeo,” the statement reads. “Our rodeo family will not be the same without his presence but we will always be eternally grateful for his leadership that led us to be the amazing rodeo we are today.”

You can read the full statement and learn more about the life of John Leavitt at the Sisters Rodeo Facebook page.


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