▶️ Sisters Food Cart Camp Creating Tasty Life Skills

Science camp, art camp, mountain bike camp.

Parents and kids know there’s a summer camp for just about anything.

In Sisters, a group of kids is learning a little about business, a little about food and a lot about life.

Are we putting water in here?”

“Seedless grapes!”

It’s not snack time at this day camp.

“So we’re making like smoothies and stuff.”

“And then that. OK let’s blend it up and see what turns out.”

Crafting up tasty treats is part of this camp’s curriculum.

“I love making crafts too, they’re kinda the same thing except that crafts you don’t eat,” said camper Ada Breit.

“We’re doing Kid Made Camp.”

“It’s a entrepreneur camp, I think that’s how you pronounce it,” said Aya Sakagawa.

“We’re basically little entrepreneurs,” said Finn Gordon.

“They will learn how to cost out their products, they’re going to know how much they spent to make those smoothies, and they’ll learn how to charge appropriately for them.”

Skills they’ll need to run a food cart.

“They’re so open to trying different stuff. A lot of times parents will send their kids and they’ll say oh they don’t like this type of food, they don’ like kale they don’t like tomatoes, whatever it might be.”

“Of course because there’s kale in it.”

The camp is in its third year, this is the first time they’ve worked with a food cart.

The idea was born on the ball diamond, after founder Angeline Bosco noticed kids interest to work in the snack shack.

“And they loved it, and I thought why not really make something just for them.”

Some are bringing skills to the table as they hone their business sense. 

“Like I’ve been cooking a lot through my life.”

“I mean I probably won’t have a lemonade stand or something, but like it also helps you need to work to make sure you make money off it not to loose money.”    

“They may not be able to walk  in tomorrow and go start a business but whey they get older they’re going to know oh we gotta check with the city, oh we gotta open a checking account, oh we gotta know how to do this.”  

It’s not with out some hiccups.

“OK, I got it. I couldn’t get the sink off.”

“They’re going to do great at it.”

They’ll have to, because these kids take the business public this Sunday at the Sisters Farmers Market.

“And they actually get to keep the money.”

Another bonus, it’s fun.

“Very fun.”

“Accomplish our goals we’ve set.”

There are no sour business partners here.

“They work together so well.”

And by the sound of things, this camp is already a success.




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