▶️ Sisters considering code change to limit events each month


Huge, city-wide events in Sisters means more traffic, more people staying in town and more use of public resources.

“We understand that events means a lot of traffic and puts a strain on public resources,” said City Manager Cory Misley.

Misley says the an old city code didn’t effectively control where or when events were held.

“The original code about public events wasn’t super clear or easy to administer,” he said. 

Now city council has a proposal that will change regulations regarding large public events.

The plan streamlines event permit applications and better controls where and when events can occur.

“The ordinance is trying to look ahead at expected growth both in terms of residents and in terms of the number of events,” he said. 

The plan proposes no more than one citywide event per month in Sisters.

That means smaller events would be pushed to different months, like fall or winter.

“There needs to be breaks for spaces and for neighbors to not be overwhelmed for event after event,” Misley said. 

Dates for big public events like the rodeo or quilt festival won’t be affected.

Dawn Boyd, the executive director of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, says she doesn’t see much changing at all for the quilt show from the ordinance – and the differences look positive so far.

“It’s fine tuning, whether you’re an organization or what you need to look and make sure you’re doing things in the best way possible,” she said. 


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