▶️ Sisters businesses see activity thanks to county’s reopening, city’s help



While Sisters was once concerned with the impact of COVID closures, the small town now appears to be thriving.

“We’ve been slammed,” Angeline Rhett, owner of Angeline’s Bakery, said.

Rhett said business is booming despite—or perhaps because of—the pandemic.

“I think it’s because we have moved through the phases quicker than other parts of Oregon,” Rhett said. “I hear a lot of people coming from other towns saying, ‘We just needed to get away, we needed to go shopping, we needed to go to a restaurant.”

City Manager Cory Misley said Sisters City Council is doing its part to ensure businesses thrive, including providing space for businesses to expand onto the street.

“It really is kind of hitting the sweet spot of being able to ensure some prosperity and economic activity while maintaining health and public safety,” Misley said.

At Wednesday night’s meeting, the council will continue discussing other ways to support the town’s businesses.

“We‘re giving a significant reduction to renewals of business licenses for businesses here in the city limits,” Misley said. “We know that there’s a long road ahead so being mindful of setting aside some additional dollars in next year’s budget that we may look at in July, August, September or beyond.”

While they’re not sure what the rest of the summer will bring, many business owners say they’ll keep marching on.

“Everybody in this town has really adapted in their own way to how they have to make it work,” Rhett said. “We’re all working together to make it happen.”


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