▶️ Sheriff says agency will recover following personnel investigations


Investigations continue for two people formerly employed by the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office.

On Monday, DCSO Sgt. Deke Demars submitted his resignation, following a Redmond Police investigation into a sexual assault that found probable cause for criminal charges back in February.

And on Friday, Captain Deron McMaster was placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation into alleged policy violations.

“I work with great people,” Nelson said. “These are great people who are out there on a daily basis working hard. On the other side of that coin is that we employ human beings, so we’ll continue to have personnel challenges.”

Nelson wouldn’t give specific details on either situation and he wouldn’t say if the cases are related.

Redmond Police continue to investigate the allegations against Demars, but DCSO will drop its internal investigation that’s been in the works since February 2020.

“When an employee resigns from this organization, we will wrap up this investigation right there because they’re no longer employed,” Nelson said.

Nelson said they’re not looking to hire for either of the positions right now.

“We ask other supervisory positions to take on additional work,” Nelson said.

And he said transparency around these investigations is key.

“I want to be transparent with my bosses the community members,” Nelson said.

DCSO confirms Demars was paid around $135,000 while on administrative leave before his resignation.

McMaster will continue to receive his salary, which is about $156,000 annually while the investigation continues.


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