▶️ Shepherd’s House seeks help opening seasonal shelter in Redmond


Shepherd’s House Ministries wants to bring a full-time winter homeless shelter to Redmond.

The nonprofit currently runs a facility in Bend, where staff and volunteers provide shelter, employment services and other resources, year-round.

Five years ago, they joined with several Redmond churches to manage a rotating overnight shelter for about 25 people, when temperatures dip below freezing.

“There is no regular shelter in Redmond. We don’t even have our own building to do the Redmond winter shelter,” said John Lodise, director of emergency services, Shepherd’s House Ministries. “We’re able to do it because churches open their doors and let us use their facilities throughout the winter.”

Wednesday night local businesses, musicians and organizers of Music in the Canyon held a benefit concert, raising over 5,000-dollars for the Shepherds House to help open a permanent Redmond winter shelter … taking  the total raised, so far, to 20-grand.

But there’s still a long way to go.

“Our target, overall, in order to be able to be open for four months straight without ever closing based on the temperature,” Lodise said. “We need $50,000 in order to do that.”

He knows it’s a tall order, but an important one for the people they help.

“They see that there are people who care enough to want to spend real time with them and get to know them and be concerned about them. And, that starts to get them to value themselves differently.”

If you’d like to donate to the cause, visit their website.


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