▶️ Calls to recall popular flea and tick collar intensify


Lawmakers are renewing their call to take the Seresto flea and tick collar off the market, saying it’s not safe for pets.

The Seresto collar has been linked to 2,500 pet deaths reported to the Environmental Protection Agency and nearly 100,000 reported incidents overall. That’s according to the House Committee on Oversight and Reform’s subcommittee on economic and consumer policy.

The subcommittee asked the EPA to revamp its review process for pesticides following a 16-month investigation. It’s also asking Elanco Animal Health, the company that makes Seresto, to issue a voluntary recall. 

Pet owners have said the collars led to skin irritation, seizures and death.

Faye Hemsley blames the collar for the sudden death of her dog, Tigger.

“Tigger had a Seresto collar around his neck at the time of death,” Faye said. “None of my other 3 dogs had the Seresto collar and none of the other got sick or died.”

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Seresto collars contain two different pesticides designed to ward off fleas and ticks. It’s been popular with pet owners because it claims to ward off fleas and ticks for eight months, compared with other products that must be applied monthly.

Elanco says the collars are safe.

“The data from our team that reviewed the data over 10 years, 33 million dogs who have worn the collar, there is no linkage from the active ingredients to a pet death,” said Elanco CEO Jeffrey Simmons.

While the EPA has not found cause to recall the Seresto collars, the agency advises consumers who experience problems with any EPA-registered pet collar to notify their veterinarian and to contact the National Pesticide Information Center.

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