▶️ Senior centers, childcare facilities taking extra precautions against all viruses


As soon as you walk in the door at Country Side Living in Redmond, a senior living facility that also is home to an adult daycare and children’s pre-school, you’re going to be asked to do everything from sanitize your hands to have your temperature taken.

Elizabeth Banderas‘ daughter has been going to Whoopsy Daisy Preschool in Redmond for the past two years and says she’s never been worried about health precautions put in place by the building’s staff.

“When a child gets sick they can’t come back to school for at least 24 hours with no fever, they sanitize everything everyday, they teach the kids really good hygiene so they’re always washing their hands,” Banderas said. 

Those precautions have become even more important in recent months with the number of COVID-19 cases on the rise across the United States.

And on Wednesday, Deschutes County reported its first presumptive positive case.

The building that houses Whoopsy Daisy also doubles as a senior care facility, which have become increasingly restricted to prevent the outbreak of disease.

“So when visitors come to Countryside Living, we’re going to ask them some questions, basic screening questions,” said Tiffani Schwarm, outreach coordinator. “After that we’re gonna take them over the Well-O machine, they’re gonna have to get their temperature read and if everything’s good there we’re gonna ask that they sanitize their hands.”

Children attending the preschool are also privy to the same checks at the Well-O station and precautions throughout the day.

“The teachers are really diligent with them, washing their hands and washing them for 20 seconds,” Schwarm said. 

“I have no worries at all,” added Banderas.

Countryside Living is also limiting guests to essential visitors like caregivers and certain family members.

But they’re still ensuring residents get the social interaction they need to avoid feelings of isolation or loneliness.

“If they’re not really considered an essential visitor we’re doing other things like setting up Skype type interactions so that family members aren’t feeling like they can’t visit with their loved ones because we know that that social interaction is really important,” Schwarm said. 

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