Deschutes County Search and Rescue assist stranded backcountry skiers

Deschutes County SAR prepare to assist stranded backcountry skiers.

According to Deschutes County 911 Dispatch, on Friday, at about 5:27 PM, they received a 911 call from a backcountry skier near Todd Lake. 

The caller reported that his ski companion was having a ski malfunction that they could not repair in the field, and they were unable to make it back out of the location unassisted.  

With the assistance of a Garmin In-Reach that the skiers had with them, the caller was able to provide accurate GPS coordinates of their location. 

The skiers were reported to have food, water, appropriate winter clothing, and gear to remain in place.  The subjects were advised to remain at the location together and stay warm until assistance arrived.   

At approximately 10:03 PM, the SAR volunteers made contact with the stranded skiers. 

The two skiers were in good health, and they were assisted back down the mountain and to the awaiting snowmobiles. 

The skiers were then transported by snowmobiles out of the location and back to Mt. Bachelor to their vehicle.


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