Search and Rescue helps stuck climbers down from cliff face at Smith Rock


Two climbers needed Deschutes County Search and Rescue’s help to free themselves while rappelling at Smith Rock State Park on Saturday.

Deputy Kyle Joye, the assistant search and rescue coordinator, said one of the climbers called dispatch around 4:25 p.m. saying he and his partner were stuck on a cliff face known as “Wherever I May Roam” about 60 feet from the ground.

The climbers, 24-year-old Sam Reiser of Dundee and 23-year-old Chris Sands of Lancaster, Pa., were safely attached to an anchor, but could not move any further due to their rope being stuck.

Joye said 10 Mountain Rescue Volunteers from SAR as well as two DCSO Deputies responded to Smith Rock State Park to help.

One volunteer hiked to the top of the climbing trail as a hasty member while the other team members followed with additional ropes and rescue gear, Joye said.

The hasty member of the team was able to access the climbers’ rope and clear an obstruction allowing the climbers to continue their rappel.

The climbers were not injured and did not require medical attention.

Volunteers and Deputies helped the climbers back to the staging area and eventually back to their vehicle.


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