▶️ What do you see? NASA shows off ravioli-shaped Saturn moon


Saturn may be the most unique planet in our solar system, given its spectacular rings. But one of its moons also has an unusual look that could make you hungry.

NASA re-shared photos on Instagram last week of Pan, the innermost of Saturn’s known moons. And its shape looks similar to ravioli or empanadas.

The images were actually taken in 2017 by the Cassini spacecraft.

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Pan actually orbits Saturn from within one of the planet’s amazing rings. It orbits every 13.8 hours at an altitude of 83,000 miles.

NASA says ⁣the ridge around Pan’s equator is similar to Saturn’s moon Atlas, and gives the moon its distinctive dumpling shape.⁣

Pan was discovered by M.R Showalter in 1990 using images taken by the Voyager 2 spacecraft nine years earlier.⁣


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