▶️ 10-year-old sends half-eaten Oreo to police to test for Santa’s DNA


A 10-year-old girl in Cumberland, Rhode Island, is asking police there to investigate if Santa and his reindeer are real. And she’s even sent them evidence to test.

The girl sent a letter to the police department along with a partially eaten Oreo cookie and carrot. She asked police to check them for DNA to confirm Santa and his reindeer came through on Dec. 24, 2022.

Cumberland Police says the chief immediately put his investigators to work.

“This young lady obviously has a keen sense for truth and the investigative process and did a tremendous job packaging her evidence for submission. We will do our very best to provide answers for her,” Chief Matthew Benson said in a press release.

While the investigation continues, the department did uncover one piece of evidence — a surveillance image of a deer.

The police department says “stay tuned.”

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