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Rumors of Proud Boy rally this weekend in Bend; counter protest expected


Bend Police say they are aware of a planned weekend rally and told Central Oregon Daily News they “are planning accordingly.”

They would not, however, confirm who organized the rally.

The Central Oregon Diversity Project and Central Oregon Peacekeepers are planning ahead too, organizing a counter-protest to what they believe to be a Proud Boys rally for 3 p.m. on Saturday.

No location has been revealed.

Five hundred police officers were deployed to last weekend’s Proud Boys rally in Portland’s Delta Park.

Rally attendees openly carried rifles, sidearms, knives, bats and bear spray.

With the exception of reports of harassment of journalists, the event was nonviolent.

“Lace up your most comfortable protest shoes. Get your very best sign ready to go. Let’s show these boys that our Peace is stronger than their hate,” reads a post on the Central Oregon Peacekeepers Facebook page.

The far-right group gained more national attention earlier this week.

“Proud Boys stand back and stand by,” said President Trump during Tuesday’s presidential debate.

On Wednesday members of Trump’s own party did damage control.

“I think he misspoke. I think he should correct it,” said Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C. “If he doesn’t, I guess he didn’t misspeak”.

Trump later tried to clean up the remark.

“I don’t know who Proud Boys are but whoever they are they have to stand down. Let law enforcement do their work,” the president said.


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