▶️ RSD looking for public input to help search firm find new superintendent


Redmond School District Superintendent Mike McIntosh has spent nearly his whole life in Redmond, starting out as an elementary school principal more than two decades ago.

But he’s retiring at the end of the school year, and it’s no surprise that finding his replacement is a big task.

“Most superintendents do not spent seven years in a district and Mike has spent seven years as a [superintendent] and many more in other capacities with the district,” said Hank Harris, president of Human Capital Enterprises. 

The Redmond School District Board of Directors has partnered with search firm Human Capital Enterprises to help narrow down the search

“This district is set up for great success and the current leadership has done some really great work to make this district ready for someone to pick up the baton and go with it,” Harris said. 

Thursday night’s forum was the first major opportunity for the Redmond community to have their voices heard and explain what qualities can not be overlooked during this search.

“I think when a community has a strong sense of identity, as Redmond does, there is an understandable apprehension that somebody might come into the community that doesn’t know the community very well,” Harris said. “So allowing members of the public to touch the project and give feedback very much helps that superintendent to come in with success because they’re already known on some level.”

The main concerns brought up Thursday night were “community” and “inclusion.”

“Folks who are really proud of their community and folks who want to make sure every single child is served and served well,” he said.  “Redmond is a community truly with an identity.”

In addition to the community forum the school board will host an online public survey which will be live from October 24 through November 12.

Take the survey here:  https://survey2.ecragroup.com/index.php/759871?lang=en

“The Board is committed to finding the right candidate to lead Redmond School District through a careful selection process,” said Tim Carpenter, Redmond school board chair. “We encourage all parents and community members to attend this forum or take the online survey to provide their valuable input as we develop our search for the next district leader.”

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