Roundabout Nixed, New Signal Slated for Neff & Purcell


Bend City Councilors have agreed on a fix for a busy intersection.

After considering a roundabout at the corner of Neff and Purcell in northeast Bend, councilors on Thursday decided that upgrading the traffic signal and adding dedicated turn lanes were more feasible.

“There was a number of things we looked at for a roundabout versus signal,” said Sinclair Burr, a City of Bend engineer. “Turns out a roundabout is about $2.2 million more expensive than a signal; the roundabout required significantly more right of way; a roundabout ma not have been as safe as many other roundabouts due to the steep grades in the area.”

Burr said upgrading the signal and adding the turn lanes will cost about $4.1 million. He said the roundabout would have cost upward of $6.3 million.

The design is still in the early stages with construction expected in 2021.



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