Roller skaters here to stay and finally, at Dandy’s, credit/debit cards are OK

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Bend’s Dandy’s Drive-in is a local’s favorite for burgers, shakes and nostalgia – right down to the roller-skating servers that have been a staple since 1968.

Even its long-standing “cash-only” policy harkened back to simpler times.

That changed Monday when the drive-in announced it would begin taking credit and debit cards. 

Owner Tonimarie Scott said it was just time for the change and to “bring us into this century, really.”

“We’re excited to see what may come of it,” she said, adding that the roller skaters would remain and everything else about the old drive-in on Third Street would stay intact. 

Scott said Day One went pretty well despite a few hiccups.

“It’s going to be a great tool for everyone,” she said, adding they expected to be able to push out orders faster for more customers.

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